January 5, 2022 #SCCSD Staff Members of the Month

#SCCSD January Staff Members of the Month

January Staff Members of the Month

Mike Tillo, Assistant Principal @ West Middle School 

“Mr. Tillo works hard to build meaningful relationships with students, staff, and parents/guardians. His patience and compassion when interacting with students do not go unnoticed. Mr. Tillo has made amazing relationships with students. His work with the special education department demonstrates his expertise in that area. We have seen the extra steps he has taken to help our special education population be successful in middle school. He is a true asset to West Middle School.”

Angie Conway, Attendance Specialist @ Perry Creek Elementary School

“Angie is an asset to Perry Creek because she engages with students, parents, and staff. She makes connections with staff and families and goes above and beyond making sure our students are at school each day. Angie has a calm approach and is always willing to provide support. Because of Angie’s hard work, students are motivated to improve their attendance and participate in incentives. We are grateful to have Angie as part of our Prairie Dog family!”

Morgen Nash, Consulting Teacher @ Leeds Elementary School

“Morgen seamlessly transitioned to a new position this school year. She is easily approachable and helps our teachers at Leeds in many ways. She assists teachers by preparing reading groups, fluency folders, and districtwide testing. If Morgen doesn’t know the answer to a question, she takes the initiative to find one. Having Morgen as a consulting teacher has made a positive impact on Leeds Elementary.”

Maria Sloniker, Preschool Teacher @ Leeds Elementary School 

“Maria is always so kind to everyone. She is an amazing teacher and mentor and steps in to help other staff in any way she can. Maria devotes much of her personal time toward becoming the best teacher and friend she can be! Our staff and kiddos are lucky to have someone who cares so much in our building!”

Aubrey Hill, Kindergarten Teacher @ Morningside STEM Elementary School

A parent said the following about Miss Hill: “Sending my son off to kindergarten alone was extremely tough last fall. I was terrified. However, my son comes home every day and tells me how amazing Miss Hill is. For that, I want to share my appreciation for her and the faculty at Morningside. I feel a sense of security when I am greeted by my son after school with a big smile on his face.”  

Carrie Gilmore, Kindergarten Teacher @ Morningside STEM Elementary School

“Ms. Gilmore has always been a leader, but this school year she has risen above her own expectations! Watching her drive to give her students the emotional and academic support that they need has been awe-inspiring. Ms. Gilmore comes to school with a smile and a positive attitude each day. She is truly leading the way by being there for students and fellow staff each day. We are lucky to have her on the Morningside STEM Elementary School team!”

Niki Margeas, Consulting Teacher @ Riverside Elementary School 

“Niki’s dedication and commitment to the students and staff at Riverside is top-notch. She models best instructional practices in our classrooms, leads professional development, and helps with student interventions. Niki also works to build a positive rapport with the students and staff at Riverside every day. We greatly appreciate all that she does for our school.”

Emily Fischer, English & Language Arts Teacher @ East High School

“Emily is incredibly supportive of both staff and students at East High. She is a bundle of knowledge and her expertise in her field is extremely valuable. She particularly excels in helping students build their research skills. Emily does a fantastic job of teaching students how to successfully search for information and is willing to come to any classroom to share her knowledge. East High is lucky to have Emily!”

Lisa Hammerlinck, Counselor @ East Middle School

“Lisa hit the ground running the moment she arrived at East Middle. Between preparing student schedules, meeting with students, and even connecting with numerous families, she always puts forth her best work. Lisa goes above and beyond and is so kind to everyone. She knows how important positive relationships are with students and she continues to build a strong foundation at East Middle School. We are so fortunate to have Lisa in our building.”

Dawn Martin, CNA @ Hunt A+ Arts Elementary School 

“Ms. Dawn has been an excellent addition to the Hunt A+ staff. She goes above and beyond to ensure our students are taken care of. When students are sick, Ms. Dawn sits with them to ensure they are comfortable until someone can pick them up. Ms. Dawn is solution-minded and is always willing to assist and problem solve with families and staff. She truly goes the extra mile to ensure students’ health needs are being met. We are so thankful to have Ms. Dawn at Hunt A+!”

Kyle Timmins, Fourth Grade Teacher @ Loess Hills Computer Programming Elementary School

“Kyle is a dedicated teacher who creates positive relationships with each student he works with. He is diligent in ensuring every student reaches their fullest potential. Kyle’s peers say he is a great team player who has helped them learn how to incorporate coding into science and social studies lessons. Kyle always takes time to teach his peers how to use various coding tools and offers to model those tools in all fourth grade classrooms. We are very proud of Kyle and want to thank him for all of his hard work!”