August 18, 2020 COVID-19 & Continuous Learning

Preparing for Back to School: Important Reminders and Tips for Parents

Important Update News

The 2020-2021 academic year is quickly approaching. Below you will find important information and tips to help prepare your child for the start of school.

Important Information

Online Verification

Online verification is now available to parents/guardians. Online verification allows you to access the 2020-21 Parent/Guardian and Student Handbook, modify and/or confirm contact information, and complete appropriate District forms. Online verification is required for every child in the District. You will need to log into the Infinite Campus Parent Portal to complete online verification. If you have forgotten your username or password, follow the prompts on the website screen to regain access. If you have questions about online verification or need assistance, please contact your child’s school for assistance.

Parent/Guardian Student Handbook

The 2020-21 Parent/Guardian and Student Handbook provides an in-depth description of many important topics relevant to a student’s education. Please review the handbook closely. You will be prompted to view the handbook during online verification. You can also access the handbook anytime at the following link:

Infinite Campus and Canvas Parent Portals

All parents/guardians are encouraged to stay connected to their student’s academic progress using Infinite Campus (grades K-12) and Canvas (grades 6-12). These portals give parents access to teacher email addresses, student schedules, grades, attendance, and so much more!

School Supply Lists

Access the list of items students need for the 2020-21 school at the following link:

Immunizations & Screenings

Students entering kindergarten, 3rd grade, 7th grade, 9th grade, and 12th grade have immunization or screening requirements. Please refer to the following link for more details: 

Tips for Parents

Reestablish a Routine

Being away from home all day with a full schedule can be challenging for students. Before school begins, set regular bedtimes, wake up at a consistent time, and establish a morning routine that prepares your child to learn.

Practice Good Hygiene Habits

Explain the importance of good hygiene and handwashing. Show your child how to wash their hands multiple times a day for 20 seconds (sing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”). Good habits that start at home will have the most impact.

Get Your Child Accustomed to Wearing a Mask

Encourage your child to wear a mask or face shield around your home like they will be doing at school. Consider involving your child when picking out a mask or face shield. Make sure it fits well and is comfortable. A lanyard with a clip is a helpful way to prevent your child from dropping their mask on the floor or losing it during lunch.

Discuss How School Will Look Different

Everyone will be wearing masks. Desks will be separated. To the extent possible, classrooms will be reconfigured to manage social distancing and limit group stations. Class dismissal will be adjusted to limit traffic in the hallways.

Discuss the Importance of Social Distancing With Your Child

Explain what social distancing should look like for your child when they are around other children and their teachers. It will be especially important for children to respect personal space and refrain from touching things that do not belong to them.

Create a Homework Station at Home

Whether your child learns on-site, through a hybrid model, or virtually, a homework station is an inviting and designated workspace where your child can continue learning or complete homework at home. A homework station is beneficial because it gives your child a pre-determined space that they know will be exclusive to learning.

Discuss How This School Year Will Be Different

For students attending school on-site, the new social distancing practices and safety precautions may be unfamiliar. For students attending school virtually, the instruction format may feel unfamiliar. As students navigate these new experiences, it will be important to have support from people they trust at school and at home. Prepare your child to anticipate this year’s changes. When students are surrounded by positive attitudes from people they trust, they will adapt and flourish.

Thank you for choosing the Sioux City Community School District for your child’s education. We’re excited to work with you to make the 2020-2021 school year a great experience. 

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